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China's security technology AHD camera

times   2017-11-16

The rapid development in recent years, China's security technology, security demand is also increasing, before we are from different angles to interpret the hikvision and the inevitable factors behind the dahua shares rose.

The development of leading enterprises has led to the development of the whole industry. Today we will further explore the area of security.

The number of surveillance cameras in China is growing at a rate of 20% a year, and the market is expanding at a high speed.

However, compared with developed countries, there are still disadvantages of low penetration of cameras and uneven development between regions.

With the implementation and implementation of China's safe city construction and smart city construction policies, the security of public security is constantly improved, and the demand of video monitoring market will flourish.

The future trend of video monitoring industry in China.

With the drive of government policy, the innovation of high and new technology and the change of video monitoring demand, video monitoring market will be welcomed into another round of prosperity.

(1) with the fulfill the policy of peace and wisdom city construction, urban construction and implementation of video surveillance market should gradually by the first-tier cities to secondary and tertiary cities, remote area extends from the coastal developed areas to the Midwest.

(2) with the rapid development and maturity of computer, Internet and coding technology, high - level, intelligent and networked is an inevitable trend of the technology development of video monitoring equipment.

(3) security from devices to solutions to data services, from meeting generic requirements to customizing requirements to actively creating requirements and values.

(4) with the improvement of people's living standard, the strengthening of safety awareness and the intelligence of household products, home security and smart home will become an important part of civil security.

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