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What the advantages of 2CU?How to operate?

times   2015-08-03

What the advantages of 2CU?

  • 2CU Combines the five different functions into one 

  • the operation is just like using line,skype or facetime 

  • differences between 2CU and any other video call

1.don't need to set any account or account name;

2.It's doesn't need a complex setting;

3.Everyone can operate it easier;

4.It is as simple as making a phone call;

5.It has monitoring,security,video recording and warning function

Why we need 2CU in our daily life?

  • people busy on works

  • no leisure time to talk to their parents or children

  • setting 2CU at office and home

  • go home late,working abroad or live far away from your parents

  • whatever the time we talk,it doesn't need to pay 

  • we can make a video call to our famliy any time

  • This product will bring us a convenience life and also provides us safe and free living environment.

How to operate?

  • Download 2CU APP in you moblie phone,and you can see the following images and watch the real-time 2 way Audio video about your ip camera.

2CU APP Connection.pdf

home ip system.jpg

home surveillance systems .jpg

2cu device.jpg

2CU setting.jpg

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