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SECTEC Products are in Wide Application

times   2015-04-29

Qamdo Bangda Airport in Qamdo airport that is located in the Tibet Autonomous Region Latitude mountain range mountains, altitude over 4300 meters and 5 kilometers in length, is one of the world's longest civil airport runway.

Tibet Qamdo mountains and deep valleys, clouds, Qamdo town for days over 1300 kilometers from Chengdu and Lhasa are, no matter where one end to the Qamdo have to be bumps in the rugged mountain road. To ease traffic constraints on social and economic development in eastern Tibet region, the Tibet Autonomous Region to build Bangda Airport in 1995, and the successful maiden flight in April of that year. It is understood that Banda Airport is currently the highest elevation in the world, the largest airport flying difficult, and Qamdo from the airport to the nearest town of 136 km, is also the civil airport furthest from the center of the city.

Successful navigation Banda airport hit a miracle of human flight in the history of civil aviation. Bad weather airport is located, the winter wind speed often reaches 30 meters per second, the annual winter temperatures often in the minus 30 degrees Celsius; altitude airport than the US Boeing aircraft design drop height limit also was nearly 60 meters. For this reason, before the first flight, the two countries formed a joint flight test group, with advanced Boeing 757-200 aircraft through a rigorous test flight. Air density at Airports of less than 60% of the sea level, test group prior to sealing a pressurized aircraft system transformation, after the test results were corrected data, and then the computer flight simulation, determine the maximum carrying capacity. Tests showed that the Boeing 757-200 aircraft were 75.9 tons and 80 tons carrying capacity during takeoff and landing Bondarenko carrying capacity, significantly less than conventional aircraft design 108 tons and 90 tons.

Our monitoring products used in Qamdo Bangda Airport, further demonstrates our comprehensive national strength, national security, as a responsible business, Eric redouble their efforts to create great products, provide comprehensive service for the construction of civil aviation security should contribute make a power!

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